Sustainable Management

Environmental/Safety Management
Environmental/safety management policy
Seohan Innobility faithfully performs the following in order to contribute to the preservation of the environment of the local community and the earth environment
by establishing an environment-friendly corporate management system from product production to service activities:
  • 01 Compliance with the law
    Compliance with environmental laws and regulations and all stipulated requirements
    02 Continuous improvement
    Continuous improvement to reduce air pollution, reduce waste, and save energy resources from product development, production and sales activities
    03 Establishment and operation of environmental goals
    Establishment and implementation of environmental goals and detailed goals to achieve effective environmental performance
    04 Environmental system operation
    Reflecting environmental factors such as organisational activities, products, and services in all management activities
    05 Education and training
    Education and training to help all employees and all personnel related to the company understand and implement the environmental policy
    06 Greenhouse gas and Energy reduction
    Responding to the goal management of greenhouse gas energy by establishing a voluntary greenhouse gas inventory
Environmental/safety management system
Integrated management and continuous improvement of the enterprise environment system
Standardisation of work and maximisation of work efficiency through continuous work improvement
Spreading the environmental system mindset of all employees through acquisition and dissemination of the latest environmental information
Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Workplaces
Division Annual greenhouse gas emissions (Tco2 - eq)
Category 1(Direct) Category 2(Indirect) Total
Headquarters & Plant 1 404 4,321 4,725
Seohan Innobility Plant 2 8 8,764 8,772
Seohan Innobility Plant 3 6 5,061 5,066
Asan Logistics Center 47 67 114
R&D Center 63 346 409
Seoul Office 8 54 62
Total(Tco2-eq) 536 18,612 19,148

* Year of calculation of greenhouse gas emissions: Emissions for 2022
* Third-party verification of the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions at workplaces has been complented

  • ISO14001 : 2019
  • ISO45001 : 2019